Using a shade of white with one other high-contrasting color creates a crisp look. Staggering the heights and depths of your wall cabinetry adds visual movement.

Paint and Stain

Don't be afraid to mix painted and stained cabinetry in your kitchen or bath. While traditionally styled, these cabinets offer contemporary touches like the appliance panels and flip-up doors.

Natural Beauty

Use the natural beauty of wood cabinetry to add warmth to your space, like this massive island base. The matching hardware on the cabinetry, plus the coordinated sconces, help create a casual but sophisticated vibe.

Supporting Role

When the space itself is magnificent, choose simple, functional cabinetry. Our Weathered Slate grey paint on this minimalist vanity compliments the veins in the floor and wall tile, beautifully.

Custom Colors

If you don't see the perfect paint or stain color in our stock selections, don't worry. We'll match any color swatch you bring us. The custom teal island base and matching hutch pop from the backdrop of Titanium White perimeter cabinetry.

Open and Airy

Base cabinetry offers a lot of storage while defining your space's traffic flow. For kitchens with pass-through paths, use skinny cabinets and open shelving on upper walls to help keep the room feeling open and spacious.

Three Rooms in One

This large room actually has a full kitchen at the end oppposite the huge picture window. Using different cabinetry door styles, finishes and configurations, helps create the three distinctive areas without doors or walls.


Using shades of one color offers a calm space. Add subtle energy through tile patterns, marbled countertops and simple light fixtures.

Inspired Kitchens

Touchstone's custom construction capabilities allow you to have cabinetry that mimics noteworthy architectural features in your space, like the glass-front wall cabinets that mock the multi-paned window.


The kitchen cabinetry and the bookcases sprinkled in the adjacent areas are all crafted by Touchstone. When building or remodeling, consider custom cases such as built-ins or banquettes that can help create a cohesive decor statement through style, color and quality.