Door Styles

NATURAL WOOD DOORS – Beautiful in a way only nature can create, wood doors bring a softness to kitchen and bath environments. Painted, stained, distressed, or finished to bring out unique grains, a wood’s warmth always comes through.

Applied Moulding Door Styles

French Mitered Door Styles

Mitered Door Styles

Mortise & Tenon Door Styles

Veneer Door Styles - Traditional

New Contemporary Door Styles

Sleek, stylish, and versatile, our contemporary door styles feature a strong, reliable PUR bond for high resistance to humidity and moisture. All doors are made with the latest engineered materials and advanced finish technology for maintenance-free, durable products that last. Available in an impressive palette of modern colors with finishes ranging from racy luxe to seductive supermatte, plus an array of natural­ looking textures. For a complete list of colors available per door style, see a Touchstone Dealer. To find a dealer in your area, call us at (828) 351-2020, or toll free (877) 290-2323.