The Benchmark in Semi-Custom and Custom Framed and Frameless Cabinetry

Alternative Materials

High Gloss – High Gloss doors offer extremely easy cleaning and low-maintenance care. They provide exceptional heat, scratch, and chemical resistance, and are also UV resistant, aiding color preservation. Matching High Gloss ABS edgebanding available.

Chose from three levels of High Gloss finish:
• PET film (Mera) – 90% High Gloss sheen level
• UV lacquer (Multa) – 90% High Gloss sheen level
• PET-G materials (Vetro) – 95% High Gloss sheen level, thicker than PET and UV lacquer, offering extreme durability.

Textured Laminate – Textured Laminate doors feature thermally textured surfaces (TTS), highly durable, textured materials that are thermally fused onto a CARB/TSCA compliant core. Their beauty, short lead time, performance and cost-efficiency when compared to finished wood, make them an attractive choice. Our textured surfaces are scratch-, dent- and fingerprint-resistant, and withstand warping and bowing, even in highly humid or arid environments. Door and drawer fronts can be mixed to create unique looks for every budget. Available in Slab, 3-piece and 5-piece construction.

Verto Highgloss Quartz

Verto Highgloss Quartz
Multa Highgloss Olivio

Verto Highgloss Quartz
Mera Highgloss Polar

Verto Highgloss Quartz